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Window treatments range from the very simple to the very elaborate. Curtains are functional as well as decorative so consideration must be given to what you want them to achieve. Perhaps they are only for occasional use or maybe, along with obscuring light, they need to block out noise, draughts or an unsightly view.

The size and position of the window will help to determine which treatment to go for, and the feel of the room will be significantly influenced by the style of the curtains.

Curtains can be embellished with the use of contrast linings, and a variety of different trimmings applied to the leading edges. Don't forget tiebacks for the finishing touch.

The secret to creating a successful scheme is to consider every element from walls, flooring and upholstery to the curtains themselves. If you're planning a completely new look, moodboards really help to collect samples and colours in one place.

We have some suggested styles and headings for you to use as a starting point but please feel free to contact us and discuss any particular ideas you may have in mind!

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